Jul17th• 2013 •

Pretty Little Liars: 4×07 “Crash and Burn, Girl” Promo

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Pretty Little Liars 4×07 “Crash and Burn, Girl” – Caleb and Toby team up to investigate “A” and what really happened the night of the lodge fire and encounter a source that points to a new possible identity for “Red Coat.” Hanna struggles to act like everything is normal and her friends are unsure about how to help her. Aria worries about Mike’s behavior in light of an incident at school and Ezra struggles with how he now fits into her life. Meanwhile, The Liars are determined to find a new suspect in Wilden’s murder and their tactics have unintended consequences. And, “A’s” new plan threatens to send everything crashing down around one of the Liars.

Jul10th• 2013 •

Pretty Little Liars: 4×06 “Under the Gun” Sneak Peek

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Jul10th• 2013 •

Pretty Little Liars: 4×06 “Under the Gun” Promo

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Pretty Little Liars 4×06 “Under the Gun” – Hanna has some explaining to do to her parents and the police after she’s found with something she shouldn’t have. Mona spills a secret of Spencer’s to the other Liars — leading to hurt feelings amongst the group. Emily tries to help Hanna, only to have “A” turn the tables. And Aria helps out a friend of Mike’s, who gets the wrong impression of her. Meanwhile, Shana keeps popping up in the most unusual places. And Spencer’s investigation into who was on the other end of Ali’s mysterious phone number leads her and Toby to Ravenswood — which is unlike any place they’ve ever seen.

Jul9th• 2013 •

‘Spring Breakers’ Blu-ray Exclusive NSFW Outtakes

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MTV.COM – This past March, a little movie called “Spring Breakers” had just about everyone talking. Whether you loved it or hated it (or both), there was no denying that Harmony Korine’s trippy travelogue to college paradise was worth seeing and discussing.

And now that “Spring Breakers” is out on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, July 9, you can relive the trip of a lifetime with a few extras to boot, including this expletive-filled and very-NSFW set of outtakes that didn’t make the cut.

In the two takes, the girls hang out in their jail cell, channeling some growling animals in the process, and James Franco’s Alien shows off some of his— stuff.

“Spring Breakers” hits Blu-ray and DVD on July 9.

Jul3rd• 2013 •

Pretty Little Liars: 4×05 “Gamma Zeta Die!” Sneak Peeks

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Jul3rd• 2013 •

Pretty Little Liars: 4×05 “Gamma Zeta Die!” Promo

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Pretty Little Liars 4×05 “Gamma Zeta Die!” – Spencer and Emily make plans to visit a nearby college, but they have very different agendas for their time spent on campus. Spencer’s singular focus in figuring out Ali’s apparent connection to the school contradicts Emily’s real fears about her plans for after she graduates. And after a stinging attack by A, Aria and her brother Mike don’t see eye to eye regarding what’s best for their parents. Meanwhile, Hanna becomes increasingly frantic when she makes another horrifying discovery among her mom’s things, leading her to make a desperate move – with disastrous results.

Jun29th• 2013 •

‘Pretty Little Liars': Tyler Blackburn on High Stakes, ‘Ravenswood’ and What’s Next

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HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COMPretty Little Liars’ omnipresent torturer “A” continued to wreak havoc on the parents of the four Liars in the latest episode, “Cat’s Cradle,” with Hanna’s mother Ashley (Laura Leighton) right in the thick of the action.

In the 12th installment of THR’s weekly postmortem with Pretty Little Liars’ cast and producers, actor Tyler Blackburn discusses his return, attempting to reunite Hanna’s parents and why things aren’t looking so good for Rosewood.

Warning: Spoilers under the cut. Click HERE to read! »

THR: In this past week’s episode, Caleb was actively trying to reunite Hanna’s parents as the investigation into Detective Wilden’s murder takes shape. Why is he going out of his way to do that?
Blackburn: I think that the stakes are very high for Hanna and her mom right now, and Hanna’s dad has been absent. I think it’s a soft spot for Caleb as well because, obviously, all the stuff that’s unfolded with his father. It hits really close to home, so it’s his opportunity to help Hanna with something he understands, the absence of a father. Especially now, Hanna’s dealing with a lot. There’s a lot of fear and anxiety about her mom and she needs her dad. Caleb knows that. I’m sure Caleb knows he can help her but the more the merrier.

THR: Things aren’t looking good for Hanna’s family, and Emily’s as well, with “A” aggressively targeting the parents. What’s ahead?
Blackburn: There are no boundaries when it comes to the manipulation so nobody’s safe. Any of the parents can be affected and it’s kind of been like that from the get-go as well. This season, it gets a little bit more serious with at least one of those parents.

THR: Caleb teams up with Toby (Keegan Allen) in coming episodes. When should we expect to see their partnership?
Blackburn: Not for a few more episodes. Everything that will be happening in the next few episodes leads up to that. It’s trial and error, everybody’s trying to do what they can to figure out whatever it is [they need to figure out]. There are so many layers to these mysteries that any piece of the onion they can peel away, that’s what they are trying to do. And it gets to a point where Caleb and Toby realize that maybe they’re a little bit stronger as a team.

THR: Do you have a favorite scene from a future episode?
Blackburn: There was a scene that was fun to film with Keegan and another guy where Keegan and I pick a fight with him, and we had to do some physical stunt work.

THR: Is there a moment from this week’s episode that jumps out?
Blackburn: I liked when he confronted Hanna’s dad and really stood his ground.

THR: How worried should we be of the trouble that Hanna’s family finds itself in the middle of?
Blackburn: You should be worried. Things are going to get even stickier for them.

Jun28th• 2013 •

Pretty Little Liars: 4×04 “Face Time” Sneak Peek

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Caleb warns Hanna about the new detective in town. Will Hanna listen?

Jun26th• 2013 •

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Scoop: Sean Faris Talks Gabriel’s Interest in Hanna

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HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM – Is there really such a thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ cop on Pretty Little Liars anymore? Sean Faris – who plays Rosewood’s newest authority figure, Officer Gabriel Holbrook — doesn’t think so. In fact, he has “no idea” where his badge lies on that spectrum. “There’s always a possibility there’s more than what he seems,” Sean tells HollywoodLife.com. “I haven’t figured it out yet, but we’ll see.”

Along with giving us more of Officer Holbrook, the June 25 episode will also introduce us to his partner, Detective Linda Tanner (Roma Maffia), whom Sean describes as Gabriel’s “mentor.”

“Gabriel kind of follows her lead,” Sean explains. “She sets the pace and makes sure that Holbrook is keeping pace with her.”

As for which liar they’ll be ‘keeping pace’ with most, Sean hints that Gabriel and Linda will have their hands — but hopefully not handcuffs – full with the Marins.

“The actress I’ve worked with the most is Ashley Benson,” he tells us. “So far, all roads lead to [her] house. So far.”

Does Gabriel Have His Eye On A Liar?

Given Rosewood’s history of cops getting a little too close to its under-age citizens — Wilden, Garrett and the list goes on — everybody wants to know whether Gabriel will follow in his predecessor’s creepy footsteps. Fortunately, it sounds like it’ll be all business with him. For the most part, anyway.

“Gabriel’s a young guy, so I’m sure he finds those little liars rather attractive,” Sean admits. “I really don’t know, but I’m not going to rule out any possibilities.”

Truth be told, Sean’s almost as much in the dark as the rest of us; and that’s just the way he likes it.

“I just go with the flow,” he admits. “I don’t ever ask what’s going on in the future, because my character wouldn’t know that yet either. … I just prepare my work and show up and do what I do.”

Jun26th• 2013 •

Pretty Little Liars: 4×04 “Face Time” Promo

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Pretty Little Liars 4×04 “Face Time” – Holbrook’s partner, Lt. Tanner, comes to town, intensifying their investigation into the Liars and their possible connection to Wilden’s death. Emily panics when her parents come under undue scrutiny due to A’s manipulations. Hanna bristles when Caleb tries to help her through her this latest crisis, and tries to shift the focus of the police investigation. And Toby finds a new source of information into his mothers death, but it only leads to more questions. Meanwhile Aria has an uncomfortable encounter while out with Jake, and Spencer lays a trap for Melissa.

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