Jun11th• 2013 •

The true sign of ‘Liars’ success is in social media

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USATODAY.COM – Let the tweeting begin.

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars comes back for its fourth-season premiere Tuesday (8 p.m. ET/PT) as a social-media phenomenon that’s struck a chord with its young audience.

The network hopes that appeal extends to five new shows it is premiering this summer, part of its biggest slate of original series to date.

As it follows the mysterious goings-on in Rosewood, Pa. —where a group of teenage girls is haunted by the disappearance of their leader and threats from a shadowy figure — Liars has storytelling techniques that encourage social interaction and an audience demographic that embraces such communication.

“It has a lot of unique elements that set it up for success in the social-media space: an ongoing mystery, plot twists and turns, cliffhangers and what we call OMG moments,” says marketing vice president Danielle Mullin, who oversees social-media outreach for ABC Family.

The spring finale, which ended on a cliffhanger when the girls found something in a car trunk, was the first episode of a TV series to generate more than 1 million tweets in the hour it was broadcast, according to SocialGuide, which analyzes Twitter conversations related to television programs.

That kind of interactivity has helped make Liars ABC Family’s most-popular series ever (3.8 million viewers during its spring run), up 39% compared with the previous spring (and up 43% in its core audience of females ages 12-34).

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Jun10th• 2013 •

Pretty Little Liars Boss: This Is the Season of Answers

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TVGUIDE.COM – What’s in the trunk? Pretty Little Liars fans will find out almost immediately in the Season 4 premiere.

“Within 30 seconds you’ll know what’s in the trunk,” executive producer Marlene King tells TVGuide.com. “We usually have these big reveals in finales, but this is one of the first time we’ve had had a premiere with lots of answers.”

When the ABC Family series wrapped up its third season, viewers watched as Hanna (Ashley Benson), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Aria (Lucy Hale) and nemesis Mona (Janel Parrish) were pulled out of a burning house by a shadowy figure that a few of the girls — and the audience — recognized as the dead former Queen Bee Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). Is she really alive? And is she the omniscient Red Coat directing the “A” Team all along? Plus: What did the girls discover in the final moment of the winter finale that had them gasping? King gives us a preview of what’s to come below.

How much will be revealed in this premiere?
Marlene King: This whole season is the season of answers. We decided let’s not wait until the last season of the show to give all of these answers. We have so many questions we’ve asked and fans have been really patient, so this is the entire season of answers and the premiere sets the tone for that.

Is what’s in the trunk really that horrifying?
King: It’s something I personally look away from every time I see that scene.

Mona is now working with the girls to uncover red coat. How does that change the dynamic?
King: It changes it up in a really fun and dynamic way. Mona has [a lot of] answers and now she needs the PLLs as much as they need her, so now she uses her knowledge as a bargaining chip to ingratiate herself back with them.

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Jun9th• 2013 •

Inside A Makeup Trailer: Pretty Little Liars

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Jun7th• 2013 •

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Boss on Season 4: ‘Time to Start Delivering Some Answers’

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Executive producer Marlene King promises that loyal viewers will be rewarded with major reveals in the coming season, telling THR that it’s “time to let the audience in on what we’ve been doing.”

HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM – Big questions are at play when Pretty Little Liars kicks off season four.

The fiery finale left Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) nearly dead and led to the possible reveal of Red Coat’s identity — Alison (Sasha Pieterse), looking as alive as ever — only to drum up even more questions for the unlucky Rosewood residents. Is Mona (Janel Parrish) back on the Liars’ side for good? Will “Ezria” ever come back together? What was in Detective Wilden’s (Bryce Johnson) trunk?

Pretty Little Liars boss Marlene King — and keeper of secrets — promises that loyal viewers of the buzzy series will be rewarded in spades. “It felt like it was time to start delivering some answers,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We’ve been hiding Easter eggs since season one and the pilot, and it felt like it was time to let the audience in on what we’ve been doing.”

Though the drama is known for embarking on circuitous routes in answering the series-long mysteries of Alison’s killer and the identity of the enigmatic “A,” King declares season four “the season of answers — and it starts right away with the premiere.” She adds: “The beauty of season four is [we're] going deeper with these characters than we’ve ever gone.”

King previews the new season in an in-depth chat with THR, with topics ranging from the aftermath of the surprising Red Coat reveal and Mona joining the Liars to the introduction of a “mystery character” and challenges facing beloved couples “Ezria” and “Spoby.”

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Jun6th• 2013 •

Ashley Benson Previews ‘Upsetting’ ‘PLL’ Premiere

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ETONLINE.COM – One week from tonight, Pretty Little Liars returns for its hotly-anticipated fourth season — a year that will, by all accounts, be the show’s darkest yet!

To find out what else lies in wait for fans, I hit up the set and sat down with the stars to talk cliffhangers, trunks, missing moms and disappearing castmembers. First up is my chat with Ashley Benson!

ETonline: Last season ended on the mysterious trunk reveal. What was your reaction to finding out what was inside?
Ashley Benson: I was at the table read, like, “Nooooo!” I was really upset, but I saw how it made sense with where this season is going. I just didn’t want it to happen.

ETonline: The finale also featured Hanna seemingly seeing Ali — when we pick up, does she think Ali’s alive?
Benson: Yes, Hanna believes she saw Ali. All the girls are nervous and scared about the possibility, but Hanna firmly believes that Alison is alive. So now it’s about figuring out how they can prove she’s alive because we’ve all seen her too many times.

ETonline: Mona is a full-fledged member of The PLLs this season. How does Hanna feel about that?
Benson: Hanna wants to trust her, but it’s tough. Mona was her best friend, but she put Hanna through hell. She tries to tell the other girls good things about Mona and how she can help, but at the same time Hanna herself is doubting it. So, she’ll be nice to Mona because she needs to get information out of her, but, at the end of the day, Hanna doesn’t want her in the group.

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Jun6th• 2013 •

Ashley Benson Reveals Why She’s Excited for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4

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RYANSEACREST.COM – The highly anticipated return of Pretty Little Liars is drawing near and star Ashley Benson has revealed it’ll be darker than ever!

The actress reveals season four, which kicks off next Tuesday on ABC Family, makes her happy because they get to go to darker places than ever before as their viewers age.

“Fans who were 13 when the show started are now 17…and as they grow up… we can go to these darker places. That makes me happy…The darker the better, to be honest.”

Ashley who plays Hanna on the hit series also shared she’s particularly excited about this season because: “We have a lot of new characters, crazy storylines for them and more people keep joining The “A” Team.”

Adding, “like, people that you’d never expect. Characters the girls thought were on their side and were so close to are turning their backs on them because it turns out their agenda this whole time has been to ruin their lives!

We can’t wait!

Pretty Little Liars season four premieres June 11 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

Jun5th• 2013 •

‘Entourage’ Pic, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Among California Film Tax Credit Selections

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VARIETY.COM – A total of 31 productions have been selected to receive California’s Film and Television Tax Credit — 14 features, 14 basic cable TV series and three movies of the week — including the “Entourage” movie and “Pretty Little Liars.”

Notable feature selections in the lottery conducted by the California Film Commission include Lava Bear Film’s “Intrusion,″ “Purge 2″ and Lionsgate’s “The Wash.” Significant TV selections include “Bunheads,” “Dirty Laundry,” “Franklin and Bash,” “Justified,” “Major Crimes,” “Murder in the First,” “Perception,” “Rizzoli & Isles” and “Switched at Birth.”

The credit was also awarded to a pair of relocated series — “Teen Wolf,” which has shifted from Georgia; and TNT’s “King & Maxwell,” which has been shooting in Vancouver but will move to California. Vancouver has seen a sharp drop in productions recently.

California producers submitted 380 applications for the state’s latest round of California’s Film and Television Tax Credit — up 18% from last year’s 327 submissions.

“The record number of applications this year serves as affirmation that the production industry wants to stay at home in California,” said exec director Amy Lemisch. “But tax credits now drive much of the decision making process, and sadly many projects that weren’t selected to receive California credits will be shot elsewhere.”

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May31st• 2013 •

How Much Do Stars Get Paid to Tweet?

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HUFFINGTONPOST.COM – Not all tweets are created equal. Some companies cough up big bucks for big names to send out 140-character quips on their behalf, in an effort to publicize their brand and attract a celebrity’s fan base. It’s been proven so effective, in fact, the stars with mass following and influence get paid five figures for a single, sponsored tweet. See the breakdown below:

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May30th• 2013 •

Complex’s 100 Hottest Women Right Now

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47. Ashley Benson

Occupation: Model, actress
Biggest accomplishment this year: Successfully transitioning into feature film world via Spring Breakers

COMPLEX.COM – Benson has risen to prominence this past year with her work on the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars as well as her turn as the gun-toting Brit in Spring Breakers. She also had a one episode cameo on How I Met Your Mother, appearing as (yet another) Ted Mosby love interest. The 23-year-old also dipped her toe into the modeling pool, signing on in January to be the face of evening wear designer Faviana. Sadly, she recently confirmed her split from Ryan Good, the alleged “swagger coach” for Justin Bieber. No word on whether the cause of the breakup had anything to do with Good’s mostly-fictional profession.

May26th• 2013 •

That Time OK! Caught Up with Ashley Benson Over Slurpees at 7-Eleven

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OKMAGAZINE.COM – Nothing lifts my spirits better than a good Coca-Cola slurpee from 7-Eleven, so when I was invited to interview Ashley Benson as she kicked off Summer Slurpee Days with the inaugural sip of the season, I was so there. Pretty Little Liars gossip and my favorite frozen beverage? You don’t have to ask me twice.

Ashley, who was wearing a cute Enfants Riches Déprimés tee, sipped the chain’s new Slurpee Lite Sugar Free Sprite flavor while I enjoyed my Coke variety (what can I say, I’m loyal). Take a peek at our convo below!

OK!: What’s your earliest slurpee memory?
Ashley Benson: My dad goes to 7-Eleven for all of his coffee so I grew up going there and I would always get a slurpee. And then me and my friends get slurpees all the time during the summer because I get hot and sweaty really easily. Their new light flavor is half the calories, there’s no sugar—it’s great for summer.

OK!: Are you a purist or do you mix them up?
AB: I like to mix them up, but I do like the coke flavor and I like this new Lite Sprite flavor. It’s very hard to say. But that’s it—the soda flavors I love.

OK!: What can you tease about the upcoming season of PLL? I need to know who is in that trunk.
AB: It’s going to be pretty crazy. I’m excited for people to find out who’s in the trunk. I’m excited to see how fans like my storyline with my mom and I. We get into a lot of trouble this season. Caleb, my poor Tyler’s leaving me (for new ABC Family series Ravenswood), I’m really upset. There’s a lot that goes on. I think the biggest thing for me…I don’t care about any storyline, it’s just that my baby Tyler is leaving me. We have a crazy Halloween episode this year. It’s going to be amazing.

OK!: Would you like to do a crossover with Ravenswood?
AB: There have been a few conversations that have been brought up. I don’t know for sure if we’re going to but if they do I’d love to because I want to see my Tyler.

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