May22nd• 2013 •

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recruits Rumer Willis for Season 4

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HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COMPretty Little Liars is getting into the charity world.

Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is headed to Rosewood in the upcoming fourth season, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Willis, who recurred on The CW’s 90210, will play Zoe, organizer of a worldwide charity, in one episode with the potential to appear in more. She is described as the type of girl who will change the world and keep her sense of humor at the same time. Her episode is slated to air in late July.

The new season of Pretty Little Liars picks up as the Liars strive to make sense of the mysterious “Red Coat,” seen in the season three finale, and what plans he or she may have in store for them. A Ravenswood spinoff (with Pretty Little Liars regular Tyler Blackburn moving to the new show) will also debut in October, with the new Pretty Little Liars episodes introducing the town and its mystery.

Pretty Little Liars premieres season three June 11 on ABC Family.

May18th• 2013 •

Paley Live LA: Pretty Little Liars

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The Paley Center for Media will hold a special preview screening of Pretty Little Liars season 4 premiere and panel discussion with members of the series cast and creative team this coming June. The atendee list has yet to be finalised.

Pretty Little Liars: #PLL is @paleycenter

Monday, June 10, 2013
7:00 pm PT
Los Angeles

Scheduled to appear:
Members of the cast and creative team

From ABC Family and Warner Horizon Television, Pretty Little Liars—the addictive and suspenseful drama series that revolves around four teenage girlfriends who begin receiving threatening messages shortly after the disappearance and apparent death of their friend, a notorious Queen Bee—is routinely one of TV’s most tweeted-about series. In fact, PLL boasts one of the most passionate followings in the social media universe. On the (stiletto) heels of the third season’s twists and thrills, and the recent announcement of an upcoming spinoff (Ravenswood), PLL is a new kind of media phenomenon, with an engaged audience that’s thrilled to be along for the ride. The series cast and creative team gather at the Paley Center to offer a special preview of their highly anticipated fourth season premiere and give us an insightful look behind the scenes of this TV hit.

On sale to General Public Thursday, May 16 at noon.
This event will be live streamed starting approximately at 7:15 pm PT/ 10:15 pm ET.

May16th• 2013 •

‘Pretty Little Liars’ 4×01 Sneak Peek

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Check out this sneak peek clip of “Pretty Little Liars” Season 4 premiere, titled “A is for A-L-I-V-E.”

May13th• 2013 •

#82 on Maxim’s Hot 100 List

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Maxim unveils this year’s Hot 100 list and Ashley made it to number 82. While she is far from the top, this is the first time she made the cut, so congrats, Ash! Check out the full list here!

Ashley Benson

We may or may not have seen Ashley Benson on Days of Our Lives, The O.C., and Bring It On: In It to Win It. Now she’s on the scandalous teen drama, Pretty Little Liars, and can also be seen starring opposite James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez in Spring Breakers.

May9th• 2013 •

Pretty Little Liars: ‘A LiArs Guide to Rosewood’ Recap Episode + Season Opener “A is for A-L-I-V-E” Synopsis

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Hold onto your pretty, little hats, LiArs! We have some big news for you today. There’s an ALL NEW Pretty Little Liars recap episode coming your way! Pretty Little Liars: A LiArs Guide to Rosewood (a recap special encompassing all three previous seasons of Pretty Little Liars!) will premiere on Tuesday, June 4 at 8/7c. Featuring new voice over from the all-seeing Mona, this special will recap the Liars history with “A” from the very first text message, to the most recent spotting of Red Coat.

Then, only one week later, Pretty Little Liars returns with ALL NEW episodes! In the season four premiere, titled “A is for A-l-i-v-e,” the Liars are desperate to uncover what new scheme “A” has in store for them in the wake of the lodge fire, and have no choice but to turn to Mona for answers, now that she is also being targeted. Aria struggles with seeing Ezra in the wake of their breakup, and Emily starts to make plans for life after high school. Meanwhile, “A” sets Toby on a new path, what’s in the trunk is revealed, and a shocking discovery reverberates through Rosewood.

Get excited, LiArs!

Don’t miss the recap episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 4 at 8/7c – and the much-anticipated summer premiere on Tuesday, June 11 at 8/7c!

May8th• 2013 •

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Creator and Ashley Benson on Caleb’s ‘Ravenswood’ Move

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Pretty Little Liars has staged sensational surprises in nearly every single episode over the last three seasons, but the biggest shocker to date happened off screen as it was announced on April 30 that ABC Family’s recently announced spin-off was bringing Tyler Blackburn’s Caleb along for the Ravenswood ride.

Now, for the first time, PLL executive producer and Ravenswood co-creator Marlene King is exclusively revealing why Hanna’s hottie was tapped to front the new series.

“In terms of the mythology of Ravenswood, there is a reason his character was chosen,” King tells ETonline. “Caleb has an ambiguous past. He doesn’t know as much about where he comes from compared to the other [characters] and we’re going to use that as we unfold the Ravenswood story.”

Once fans got over the initial shock, thoughts — and Twitter trending topics — immediately turned to the following question: “OMG!!! What does this mean for Haleb?!?!?!?!” Turns out, Ashley Benson had the exact same thought after finding out her scene partner was packing up his laptop and amazing conditioner.

“I was so sad,” Benson recalled of hearing the big news. “This is the thing, I’m so happy for Tyler, he deserves it so much, but he’s like my other half! He’s just amazing. When the day comes to shoot his last scene, I’m not going to be able to do it. I mean, I don’t want to give him away to these other people. But, I talked to Marlene about [how Caleb will be written off PLL] and I’m excited for people to see that because I’m pretty happy with how she told me their story would end.”

So what did Marlene tell Ashley? You know I got that answer. “Hanna and Caleb are such a great couple and we’ve designed this beautiful Casablanca moment for them,” King teased. “Hanna really gives Caleb permission to leave Rosewood and, basically, go to this other show [laughs]. I hope our fans embrace it as much as we’ve embraced it as writers. That’s important to us.”

May8th• 2013 •

‘Spring Breakers’ Blu-ray Release Date, Details and Pre-Order

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Harmony Korine’s edgy Spring Breakers starring James Franco, Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Korine will be partying on Blu-ray and DVD beginning July 9.

Spring Breakers was made on the cheap for $5 million in Panama City Beach, Florida and has gone to earn $13.8 million domestically to date. The film is rated fresh at Rotten Tomatoes with a 65% score and should be a hit on Blu-ray and DVD considering the theatrical release never expanded much further beyond 1,100 locations.

Spring Breakers comes to Blu-ray in 2.35:1 1080p video and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. Extras include:

  • Breaking it Down: Behind Spring Breakers – A Behind-the-Scenes 3-Part Documentary
    1. Part 1 – Film Makers: Spring Breakers
    2. Part 2 – Breaking Convention
    3. Part 3 – Spring Breakers Forever
  • Deleted Scene/Outtakes
  • Harmony’s Ear Candy featurette – An Insightful Look at the Music of Spring Breakers
  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Harmony Korine
  • VICE featurettes – An Inside Look at the ATL Twins and Real Life Partying in Panama City Beach
  • Theatrical Trailer/TV Spots

The Spring Breakers Blu-ray cover art above is as it should be with the young ladies looking raucous and Franco looking dope, the same key art as the main theatrical one-sheet movie poster.

Click here to pre-order Spring Breakers on Blu-ray for $19.59 at, 30% off the $27.99 list price.

May7th• 2013 •

‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 spoilers: Fans to change their mind about Ashley

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On Tuesday, May 7, WetPaint released a possible spoilers for season 4 of “Pretty Little Liars.” The spoilers are of Ashley Marin (Laura Leighton), Hanna’s Mom, and it looks like fans will be changing their mind about how they feel for her.

According to the source, ET Online’s Jarett Wieselman’s tweet has got fans worried.

Warning: Spoilers under the cut. Click HERE to read! »

The tweet is, “@AshBenzo said fans are gonna ‘hate’ Hanna’s mom this season,” WetPaint wonders what Ashley can possibly do for that to happen when she’s one of the audience’s favorite characters.

Whatever Ashley Marin does, fans and WetPaint have begun to speculate. The source suggest that Ashley could have something to do with Caleb leaving Rosewood.

May4th• 2013 •

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Premiere Sneak Peek

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May1st• 2013 •

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Tyler Blackburn Heads to ‘Ravenswood’ Spinoff

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It has been announced that Tyler Blackburn, who plays Hanna’s love interest, Caleb, will be heading to Pretty Little Liars spinoff ‘Ravenswood’. Not sure how this will affect Haleb, but I am looking forward to see what they have in store for the couple or the introduction of a new love interest for Hanna.

The actor is the first to be cast in the new ABC Family series debuting in October.

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars spinoff has landed its first castmember.

Tyler Blackburn, who plays Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) significant other, Caleb Rivers, is leaving Rosewood and heading to Ravenswood as a series regular. The offshoot debuts in October following Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween episode.

Ravenswood centers on a town not far from Rosewood, Penn., which has suffered under a deadly curse for generations. Five strangers find themselves connected by this fatal curse and need to dig into the town’s mysterious and terrible history before it’s too late for all of them.

Blackburn will be seen traveling to the new town in the Halloween hour, during which Ravenswood is first introduced.

The actor — who has been a Pretty Little Liars regular since 2011 — still will be an integral part of the mothership’s upcoming summer season before officially switching gears in October. How Blackburn’s character enters into the Ravenswood equation and the future of the Caleb-Hanna relationship remain to be seen.

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